Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Installations

  • Energy Saving Lighting
  • Motor and Motor Controls
  • Computer Circuits Boards


Electrical Maintenance & Repairs in Karachi Pakistan

  • Troubleshooting and Repairs
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Replace Lamps and Ballasts
  • Complete Earthing System


Electrical Testing

  • Ground Resistance Testing
  • Mugger Testing Of Cable & Wire
  • Branch Circuit Analyzer
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Circuit Tracing
  • Voltage, Ampacity & Resistance Testing
  • All Kinds Of Electrical Works

Electrical Maintenance Company in Karachi Pakistan (Yaseen & Sons) has established itself to meet all your (Non-Residential) Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Electrical needs. Yaseen sons Electrical Maintenance in Karachi Pakistan has been providing expert service since 1984.



  • Clean Conductors, Terminals, & Connectors Of All Corrosion
  • Tighten Terminals & Connectors Including Breaker, Transformer, & Contractor Connectors
  • Check The Equipment Grounding System Including Conduit End Bushing Connections, Bonds, Equipment Grounding Conductors, Enclosure Grounding Connections, & Pole Grounding Connections
  • Check The Grounding Electrode, Grounding Electrode Conductor, & Associated Connections
  • Check Conductor Insulation For Damage, And Repair If Necessary
  • Replace Deteriorated Or Missing Conductor & Terminal Identification Markings
  • Check Photocell
  • Check Timers
  • Check Contractors
  • Megger Test Any Illumination Circuits
  • Replace Deteriorated Or Missing Service Identification Markings
  • Check Control Transformer On 480 Volt Services
  • Check Test Switch
  • Check Heater & Thermostat




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We offer a wide range of Electrical services in Karachi Pakistan that includes electrical wiring, electrical engineering, electricians, and ground testing. We have been providing electrical wiring, electrical engineering, electricians, and ground testing to our commercial & industrial customers with pride since we started our business.

Serving the (Non-Residential) Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional customer, brings technical expertise and on time attention to every job. Working together with our customers to insure an efficient and trouble free electrical installation.

All electrical systems require periodic maintenance in addition to non-scheduled maintenance caused by unpredictable events such as storms, accidents, and equipment failure. The intent of periodic maintenance in Karachi Pakistan is to keep the system operating at an acceptable level of service to the public. Certain maintenance activities are common to all systems, regardless of type. These activities should always be performed on the cycle applicable for the system. These activities are defined as follows: